Power Generation

Rikos puts the power back in the hands of condo owners. We offer opportunities to take control over the energy—and the cost of energy—in your building.

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Booster Pump Stations

Stop pouring money down the drain. Rikos’ state-of-the-art Wolfpack Series booster pumps will boost savings in your building by optimizing how water is delivered to your taps.

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Mechanical Solutions

Call it one-stop shopping for the bones of your building. Rikos offers expertly engineered solutions to faulty Kitec plumbing, aged HVAC systems and much more.

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We are gratified that each of our past clients now serves as a steadfast testimonial to the quality service Rikos provides at every opportunity.

  • “For a large project this was one of the easier projects a Property Manager has to deal with. Rikos was very organized and dealt with all the scheduling, notices to the residents and throughout the building. They were very informative and professional at all times. Any issues were dealt with immediately. I, as a Property Manager, would recommend Rikos.”

    Sonya Mckenna
    Property Manager. 880 Dundas Street West, Mississauga, ON
  • “This lining process was unknown to me and the Board of Directors. Rikos along with the Project Engineer walked and talked me through the process helping me to better understand what was happening as what could be expected. This information was instrumental in my ability to communicate effectively with the owners and Board members. My ability to understand the process and communicate it helped to ease the anxiety and fears of the residents of the corporation.”

    Arlene Joly
    Property Manager. 80 Inverlochy Blvd, Thornhill, ON
  • “Rikos is a truly family oriented company and this feeling is passed on to its clients. As a property manager, I cannot remember the last time residents made an effort to reach out to me and express their satisfaction with the work carried out by their staff.”

    Raphael Maman
    Property Manager. 86 Gerrard St. East, Toronto, ON
  • “On behalf of the residents and the board of directors at 700 Wilson Road North in Oshawa, Ont., we would like to express our “Thank-you” for a job well done. We all were very impressed with the Rikos team. They were helpful, and polite. They respected our building, leaving it clean and tidy every day, when they finished the work.”

    The Board of Directors
    700 Wilson Road North, Oshawa, ON
  • “I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the Condominium Board and the residents of Number One York Quay (Toronto) to thank Mr. Wolfgang Osada, President of Rikos Engineering Ltd. for the professional integrity of his company. Every problem which was encountered was solved in a manner which proved that the decision to use Rikos was the correct one.”

    Ken Wigley
    President. Board of Directors of Number One York Quay (Toronto)
  • “Mr. Wolfgang Osada, President of Rikos Engineering Ltd. and his team provided an excellent service. Everyone was very detailed, thorough, professional, and knowledgeable. If a problem arose, they attended to it promptly. I had no complaints from residents in the building.”

    Jack Gale
    Property Manager. 914 – 920 Yonge Street, Toronto, On
  • “The whole process was painless. Wolfgang attended one of our Board meetings to explain everything to the board in great detail and answered all questions promptly. The installation was like watching speed and science. The Rikos staff was focused, efficient and professional at all times. I highly recommend them.”

    Anne Dudar
    Property Manager. 33 Sheppard Avenue East, Toronto, ON
  • “I would strongly agree that Rikos is one of the best out there. Usually with any large projects, I would receive complaints, however, with Rikos I received compliments after compliments. Rikos crew were professional, clean and courteous. I would highly recommend Rikos.”

    Michael Luu
    Property Manager. 50 – 60 Inverlochy Blvd. Thornhill, ON

Let’s Get Started!

Rikos Energy provides multi-residential buildings an innovative solution to rising utility costs in Ontario by providing independent, behind the meter power generation. Contact us today to find out more about building candidacy.


Rikos provides our customers with nothing less than the finest mechanical components in each installation.