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It was on a vacation to Toronto in 1997 when Wolfgang Osada looked out of a window at a burgeoning skyline and saw the future of his company. A metal and glass mountain range emerging from the ground—construction cranes decorating the downtown core; condo buildings as far as the eye could see.

Osada, a German engineer, had the ingenuity required to be the source of local solutions to global problems.

Overseas, Osada had spent years developing engineering a unique epoxy pipe lining solution for pinhole leaks in copper plumbing found in domestic high-rise buildings. He had also built a reputation in the country as an engineer in the pursuit of perfection.

Following that fateful vacation, he returned to Germany once again to continue pipe lining, while his wife Marija stayed behind to learn English and familiarize herself with the city, building the foundation for Rikos’ success in Canada. When Toronto began its ascent as the high-rise capital of North America—condo construction hit an all-time high in the city in 2019, with 71,378 condo units under construction across 242 projects—the Osadas’ move paid off. Two years later, Osada planted himself and the company permanently in the Greater Toronto Area, rejoining his now bilingual wife.

Osada poured himself into Rikos for more than two decades. After securing his first contract on 65 Spring Garden Avenue in Toronto, Osada led Rikos to becoming Canada’s only company specializing in delivering a well-engineered, minimally invasive and environmentally responsible solution to pinhole leaks in domestic hot water systems.


With his wife Marija and son Marc by his side, along with dozens of highly-trained technicians, Osada left his mark on more than 100 buildings across the Greater Toronto Area. He was prepared to turn Rikos toward to greener pastures—literally. Under the new direction, Rikos began to focus on a wide range of green solutions in domestic high-rises.

Fulfilled by his professional passion and love for his family, Osada passed away in May 2019. Moving forward, Rikos continues to set its sights on achieving a sustainable future in the GTA, led by current president, Marija Leben-Osada and son and current vice president of operations, Marc Leben. The company has also enlisted the guidance of senior engineer Dr. Glenn Allen, Ph.D., P. Eng., who holds more than 30 years of experience in the electrical power industry.

Today, Rikos offers state-of-the-art solutions to propel our community into a greener future, including the Wolfpack Series of booster pumps, combined heat and power (CHP) cogeneration solutions, backup energy generation, retrofit vertical fan coil (VFC) units. We’re familiar with our service area — our dedicated staff has been on nearly every block across the city, completing hundreds of successful installations, saving condo owners thousands of dollars and saving our planet, all the while.

But how have we continued to find success around every corner, in the midst of a rapidly evolving and competitive industry?

With an unwavering attention to detail and the same care we would provide for our own family. Expect nothing less from Rikos, a proudly Canadian company and cutting-edge industry leader since 1999.


Wolfgang Osada


Marija Leben-Osada


Marc Leben

Vice President